Weekend #2 Yoga Teacher Training

Weekend #2 of yoga teacher training and I’m already experiencing “ah-ha” moments and moving blocked energy.
Today, I sat in silent meditation for four hours. (No that wasn’t a typo. Yes. You read right. Four (4) hours.)
In that silence My Higher Self had the chance to Be fully heard. She helped me discover patterns I had been embracing and offered me new ways to look at “old things”.
Years of listening to chitter chatter about this and that, trying to figure things out all the time, and feelings of unworthiness were called to the hot seat for clarification.
She reminded Me everything is always in perfect harmony and that disharmony only shows up when I’m resisting My own Well Being.
Allowance also means I allow myself to feel the “real deal” feelings- You know, the hard and messy and shitty feelings.
And not only do I get to allow myself to feel them, I also get to embrace them, knowing that embracing them is different than identifying with them.
She reminded Me being able to call myself on my own bullshit in a loving and kind way is a great tool on the path of Self mastery.
Weekend #2 of a ten week experience that is clearly about more than “learning yoga”.
It’s evident I’ll be learning how to Love and embrace ALL of me- especially those parts I wish others didn’t see.
Sitting in silence, I heard
My Higher Self Speak and I absolutely Love what She had to say. ~Jennuine Love

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