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Meet our teachers… We come from different backgrounds and trainings and our common thread is : We all love sharing Yoga !



Meet Moses Love

Moses Love also know as Michael Kup is a perpetual seeker of truth, enlightenment and sharer of love. He is a down to earth spiritual lighthouse whose main inspiration is drawn from the infinite well of divine love. Moses is know to be straightforward while creating a safe, loving space to awaken to your full potential.
Having studied with the late Master Alec Rubin for many years, Moses began to develop his unique style of Organic Awareness Yoga. Moses has a degree in Thai Massage from International Training Massage, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Moses is also the Founder of and I Love Yoga Studio ans Healing Center where he teaches weekly classes and his unique 200-hour yoga teacher training programs.

Meet Zayna De Gaia


Zayna de Gaia is a happiness and wellness coach+ intuitive healer + teacher of teachers. She’s passionate about yoga, empowerment and the ongoing orgasms of being ALIVE! Helping others discover true happiness + vibrant health, unleash their leadership and live their true life purpose is what ignites her fire! She sees coaching and teaching as vehicles for reflecting back at people their own light and creativity so they can show up in the world confident, authentic and fully self- expressed.She’s also a yoga teacher, reiki healer and author of the book “Thank you for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself”. Zayna lives in Dania Beach, Florida where she manages a community yoga and wellness center, I Love Yoga, teaches classes and leads yoga teacher training certifications.

Meet Mama Julie

Mama Julie is well versed in yoga, alignment and the art of yoga.
She teaches on Saturdays at 10:30am, Iyengar Inspired Gentle Yoga.

Meet Julie Halpern: Kids Yoga and Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings

Julie Halpern, founder of YogaTwist, leads Kids’ Yoga Teacher Trainings and currently teaches at I Love Yoga, Ayama and Inhale Miami studios, as well as at local schools/camps and private clients in the South Florida area.
Julie has been teaching yoga to children and families since 2007, with many trainings and certifications in that area, including, YogaKids Foundations, Radiant Child 1 & 2, Asana Alphabet and Yoga Gangsters (now CoCo). She has her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from I Love Yoga and teaches gentle and beginner adult classes.
As a blessed mother of 2 amazing teenaged daughters, her mission is to reach as many kids as possible with yoga to encourage authentic connection and compassion, to provide tools for coping with life’s challenges at a young age to take through life and share for a positive future! Healing the world one breath at a time!

Meet July Sanchez

 July is a humbled servant of God sent to earth to protect and serve. Since 1998 He has been a practitioner of a Chinese Martial Art : Wing Chun, in which he learned the ancient art of Chi-Sao. Chi- Sao, which translates to “Sticky Hands”, is a technique which builds sensitivity, awareness, and a jolting energy force in ones hands. July brings forth a powerful warrior practice in which he incorporates Chi-Sao with yoga. He completed his 200 hour teacher training under Moses Love and Zayna De Gaia at I Love Yoga Studio in Dania Beach Florida. July currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and also teaches Wing Chun in Dania Beach to his friends and family.

Meet Maya Patidar

Maya’s love for life and yoga are evident in her classes. Her yoga class is gentle while challenging and inspiring. Catch Maya’s class Thursdays at 9:30am.

Meet Rich Gausman

Vibrational Reiki 🌀 Cyrstal Bowl 🌀 Gong Healing Meditations 

Mixed with special guest practitioners from light Yin Bliss Yoga , Crystal Healing , Aromatherapy Meditation reiki healers and many other magical experiences

The Tuesday evening collective is all about coming together to receive healing vibrations and frequencies from the Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls , Symphonic Gong and Collective consciousness 💓  Vibrating Harmonic Phase Coherence. 

By consciously bringing attention to your breath and collectively meditating we create a amazing space for our bodies to heal and our chi life force energy to to enter our heart space and create harmonic octaves of vibrating love . 

During the evening I activate my Reiki Symbols bringing the healing Reiki energy into the room 🌀💓🌀 and during the meditation I send the Reiki out vibrational through the Gong 🙌💓

The space and meditation is open to all , young , seasoned , advanced and beginners 🌀💓🌀 come and melt into your yoga mat as your bathed in healing vibration and collective 💓

Reiki 1,2,3 & Master 🌀💓🌀

Advanced Level Sound Healing Practitioner 🌀:💓🌀 

Meet Kalyani

Kalyani  passionate seeker, has lived her life journey determined to go deeper in the reality that goes beyond the Human body limitation, while using her own life to experience the teachings.  Along her path, she has deepened her studies while living in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, spending time close to great teachers.  Following her years in South America, she migrated east to spend the past 8 years journeying in India for long sojourns, studying Yoga and spirituality.  

She has completed 200 hours in Kailash School in the Himalayas, India  and 200 hours at Skanda Yoga in Miami, Florida.

 In Yoga she has found the perfect complement and companion,  “ Offering a complete Yoga  that incorporates a powerful and aligned asana practice with a strong spiritual foundation. “

She uses Yoga as a tool to inspire others to live a life from the heart.  Her own body and life is her main tool to teach and invite others to this journey of self discovery and transformation, as she inspires her students to detach from limiting beliefs, and jump into the vast ocean of infinite happiness.

Meet Jeanette Garcia

Slow Flow Yoga Teacher. Yoga has been the most transformational experience in my life.  After over 10 years of self-practice I decided to participate in the 200 the ILY Teacher´s training in summer 2017. This training made me discover a new Realm where the union between mind, body and spirit is impeccable.   It is my intention to be the channel to help people discover the hidden wonder, which can be done through movement, intention and attention.

I have completed the 12 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in September 2017, and just finished the Twist Yoga Teacher Training for Children last December.

I am constantly seeking for new ways of expanding my knowledge and share this knowledge for us to create a better world.

Meet Margo

:Margo is passionate in creating sacred spaces for ceremony, and is committed to providing a nurturing environment in which her students can connect with their hearts and grow in their practice with peace, compassion, and loving support. She received her 200-Hour YTT certification at I Love Yoga Studio and Healing Center under the direction of Moses Love and Zayna de Gaia and her Yin Yoga Certification with Deedre Morales. There, she discovered her voice, and was able to express her love and devotion for her practice through Mantra and Sacred Medicine Songs. During a spiritual journey to Lake Titicaca, Margo received a call to work with music and sound through yoga. She discovered a way to combine her love of ancestral music, language, cultures, and reverence of nature for the purpose of healing and sharing it with her students so that they may connect with their own unique and beautiful voices.

Meet Jai Singh: Tuesday 8pm8

*200 Hr Kundalini Yoga Instructor

*Associates Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine

*Tantric Yoga Numerology Certification

*Reiki Master

*264 hr Vedic Thai Yoga Bodyworker

*Level 1 Qi Gong Certification and Qi Gong Strength Training through Qi Revolution

*Sound Healer

*Student of Kabbalah Since 2001

*Prayerdanse Certification

*Certified Personal Trainer

*Licensed Massage Bodyworker