Moses also know as Michael Kup is a perpetual seeker of truth, enlightenment and sharer of love. He is a down to earth spiritual lighthouse whose main inspiration is drawn from the infinite well of divine love. Moses is know to be straightforward while creating a
safe, loving space to awaken to your full potential.After his Studies at San Diego State University he continued his life studies traveling the globe.   He then returned to his hometown of Chicago where he started Live Hard, a philosophy-based clothing company that received national recognition for its innovative marketing and product placement strategies. He has Authored  a book entitled ‘Live Hard Because You Can’ and has appeared on numerous radio and TV news programs.Seeking simplicity in his life, Moses moved to Miami in 2000Studying with the Late Master Alec Rubin for many years Moses began to develop his unique style of Organic Awareness Yoga. Moses has a degree in Thai Massage from International Training Massage, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Moses is also the Founder of and in addition to his responsibilities with I Love Yoga including overseeing manufacturing, design and product development, he teaches at his studio headquarters in Dania Beach and continues to travel the globe teaching workshops, yoga conferences. Moses answers the question, “How do you love yoga?” this way:  ”It enables me to nurture the divine light within so that I am able to help others tend to the divine light within each of them.”

Zayna de Gaia is a happiness and wellness coach+ intuitive healer + teacher of teachers. She’s passionate about yoga, empowerment and the ongoing orgasms of being ALIVE!

Helping others discover true happiness + vibrant health, unleash their leadership and live their true life purpose is what ignites her fire!

She sees coaching and teaching as vehicles for reflecting back at people their own light and creativity so they can show up in the world confident, authentic and fully self-expressed- all with the big picture intention of transforming the world, one soul at a time.

She’s also a yoga teacher, reiki healer and author of
the book “Thank you for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself”. Zayna lives in Dania Beach, Florida where she manages a community yoga and wellness center, I Love Yoga, teaches classes and leads yoga teacher training certifications.

Deedre is a fun and loving soul. She is a positive, energetic, and relatable teacher. She brings the authenticity of who she is to her practice, both as student and as teacher. Deedre has been serving others since she was seventeen years old. Although her roles as a servant have evolved and changed over the years, her commitment to be of service to to others has always remained her focus. Having a servants heart, Deedre was naturally drawn to a career in hospitality. She served as Director of Human resources for eight years. These years of experience enhanced her sensitivity and ability to connect with people from all over the world. She brings this wisdom to her spiritual practice honoring herself and others as a teacher who has the ability to connect with and inspire others.Deedre is committed to helping others through teaching them yoga because she has seen first-hand the transformation that yoga brings. After she experienced the trauma of having a difficult childbirth and postpartum depression she turned to yoga for healing. The transformation she experienced is what inspired her to share yoga with others. She wanted to help others heal from lifes traumas. As a result of her healing and her desire to serve others she dedicated herself to learning and received two yoga teacher training certifications. She also became a labor and post-partum doula, a certified pre-natal yoga instructor, a certified DONA, and a certified placenta encapsulator. Deedre is a true teacher at heart and serves many with her gift. In addition to all of her yoga and doula certifications, she also has a teaching certificate for Broward county schools and substitutes regularly as well as runs the after school chess program.

Deedre is a wife and the mother of two amazing sons. She loves to travel, loves to scuba dive and do anything that allows her to spend time out in nature. She is artistic as well and has earned her bachelors degree in art. Deedre is a beautiful example of how one can turn the dark night of the soul into a light for herself as well as others. Now the practice that comforted and healed her is the compass that guides her as she brings inspiration and Light into the life of others.

Siri Karta Singh” is a certified (IKYTA) Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, artist and front end web developer. He  has been practicing yoga since 2004 and started his practice within the Sivananda Ashram in NY. His approach to yoga honors individual self study, with the aim to improve the common-unity of every individual.  Classes emphasize the importance of breath awareness, mindfulness, intention and enabling students to practice to their own level of ability. Siri Karta Singh’s classes take you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and are infused with positive, creative energy made to connect with your highest potential.
Julie Halpern is a proud mom for 16 years, and has been teaching kids yoga for the past 7 years and also teaches beginner and gentle classes for adults. She has completed YogaKids Foundations training, Radiant Child levels 1 & 2 , Asana Alphabet and has most recently had the honor of participating in the 200hr teaching training from I Love Yoga. “Every time I teach a class, I feel like I learn and grow more and more, what a blessing
 Stuart Reed completed the I Love Yoga Studio’s 200-hour Yoga teacher training program last year and has been teaching weekly Slow Flow Yoga classes with us since then.  He has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years.

He earned the “Park Ranger” nick-name during our teacher training program by sharing beautiful nearby parks with us.  We currently offer guided paddleboarding and hiking with Yoga tours with him.  He grew up in South Florida and readily shares his deep passion for the outdoors.

Stuart is a lawyer and mediator who helps clients to resolve legal problems collaboratively as well as in litigation.   He developed and teaches a course on Yoga and Mindfulness for Lawyers that is approved for professional education credits for Florida Lawyers. 

Stuart also leads a workshop on Yoga Healing for Divorces and Breakups, using Yoga perspectives, breathing exercises, gentle movements, group sharing and other healing techniques to help heal bruised hearts.

Stuart says he tries to teach people that the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga are as valuable as the physical benefits.  He emphasizes that feeling calm, content, steady, open and free are the main objectives of Yoga.

 Kristin’s yoga journey began in 2007 when a friend brought her along to a yoga class and she has been practicing ever since.  As her practice grew over the years she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others.  In 2015 she completed the 200-hour teacher training with Moses Love and Zayna de Gaia.  The teacher training opened her up to the spiritual aspect of practice and now she incorporates and honors the connection of mind, body, and soul.  With this, she brings an uplifting, nurtured, and safe environment to her classes.  Inspiring students to explore and connect on the mat and embody in their daily lives.

Kristin earned her Masters of Science in Nutrition in Dietetics in 2014.  She is a wellness specialist helping people reach their health and wellness goals with diet, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments.  She has working knowledge of supplement use and meal planning and teaches nutrition workshops.

Kristin enjoys traveling and exploring new places, hiking in nature, the beach, hula hooping, and spending time with her four cats.

 My name is Harold Henao.

I have been practicing yoga since i was in College, and simultaneously I was seeking the answers to trascendental questions such us: who am I? What is my truth? How can I be more awaken? After wandering a few years, working for a paycheck, and not feeling fulfilled inside, my life took an unexpected turn. I became a certified yoga teacher at I Love yoga studio in 2015 and I also finally devoted myself to music as a full time guitar/piano teacher and active singer Songwriter. My teachers at I love Yoga were Moses Love and Zayna de Gaia, who I am indebted for all the knowledge, wisdom and love received from them. I continue supporting them with my musical talents in projects such as Yoga Teacher’s trainings and festivals.

After all these years I finally could put together pieces of the big puzzle, and see connecting points and getting answers. That’s how now I am offering a “Raja Yoga” class, in the way Patanjali probably understood the practice, seeing yoga as a multi limb practice, and not just the practice of asanas (postures), or sequences of challenging physical postures, but more as a helpful preparation to the practice of meditation and perhaps aimed to the enlightenment of oneself. It is a great opportunity for me to share with others my own findings and teachings received in over 25 years of walking the path.

 Marcoantonio  J Lee aka Jai Inder Singh’s mission is to help people feel better, expand themselves and fulfill their purpose. He is the founder of One Soul Holistic, Sacred Space Holistic Realty, Aquarius Life Water and Soul Wear.

He has three passions the spiritual, healing and movement arts

He spends his time and energy towards cultivating these three passions as way way to heal a broken heart

Through his studies he has developed The Tree of Life Massage, The Mandala of OM (Organic  Movement and Anahata Yoga which are built on the foundation of the two Sacred Sciences that he has adopted Ayurveda and Kabbalah

He has also created the Heroes journey a life coaching program to help people step into a life they love  and The Healers Journey to help those who want to develop their skills as a healer.

Jai is also a

* Licensed Massage Therapist and Vedic Thai Yoga bodworker

*KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

*Has an associates degree in Ayurveda

*Tantric Yogic Numerologist

*Reiki Master

*Crystal Bowl Sound Healer

*Certified Persoanl Trainer through World Fitness Association

*Level 1 Qi Gong and Strength Training Qi Gong Instructor through Qi Revolution

*Student of Tiger Claw, Muy Thai and Capoeira

* Student of Kabbalah since 2001

*Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation

*Prayerdanse teacher certification by Rachel Levy

He brings all these skill sets and integrates them into his classes and workshops to deliver a powerful, unique mind body and spirit transformational experience

All as a way of helping people feel better

Learn more at:


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    Hello Michael and Zeina

    My name is Colette Darville and I am the Yoga co-ordinator for the 2013 Lifestyles and Fitness Expo on Hollywood beach April 27th. I am targeting local studios for the event before inviting other studios. If you or one of your staff would be interested in teaching a free yoga class, as a promotion for your business, I will happily add you to our schedule. You would need to bring business cards, brochures, etc. You do not need to be there all day , only during the times that you or one of your staff teach the class and maybe a little time after the class to promote your studio. You can let me know what time works best for you. Please see the info below.

    If you have any inquires please just call of email me, at anytime.

    Yours in health,

    Colette (Darville ) ( 954-612-2702)

    Fitness and Lifestyles Expo 2013 link to wesite:

    Hollywood beach

    April 27th.

    1) We have four spots on the beach designated for yoga, Tai chi etc. You can give a class for free to promote your studio between the hours of 8am – 12pm and 2:30pm – Sunset. You choose your time and I will co-ordinate the timetable.

    2) All Events and Classes are covered by the Expo Waivers and Liability Insurance.

    3) You are encouraged to provide a banner or sandwich board with your studio info. If you need to have a banner made it is $50, and I can forward you the info on the company that can create the banner.

    4) The Expo will periodically raffle off items with the money going to charity, so we encourage all our participants to perhaps offer something, example: Free Class, % off a membership, Yoga Mat, etc.

    The Event draws a large crowd and this year we are honoring 8 veterans with a parade and Mayors address, between 12pm – 2:30pm.

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