I Didn’t Pick Yoga. Yoga Picked Me.

I didn’t pick yoga. Yoga picked me. Literally. Yoga called me to the depths of my being and moved all obstacles to bring us together.
All I did was set intentions to grow and expand into more of the Gift that I am and for the courage to share that gift with the world. And then, as if by magic, yoga came and got me.
I had flirted with yoga. I’d even taken yoga on a few dates. But I hadn’t yet committed to yoga.
And it had nothing to do with not loving yoga. Yoga’s Presence in my life has been so gentle and Loving and so very powerful. I think it was the Power that most intimidated me. The Power that comes from practicing yoga goes into the depths of Your Essence. There is no escaping it.
I had to let go of the fears and the doubt and self sabotage. And show up on my mat.
It doesn’t matter where I go, yoga goes with me. Yoga doesn’t care about my weight, my financial status or my relationship status. Yoga isn’t concerned with where I’ve been, or where I’m going. Yoga only cares about the Now.
I don’t have to defend myself to yoga or prove myself to yoga. I simply get to practice yoga. I get to practice Being me.
That’s the correlation between yoga and fulling realizing Your own Power. There is no judgment with yoga, and there is nothing for You to prove to yoga.
You just need to commit to yoga, and by doing so, You commit to Yourself. ~Jennuine Love
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Namaste <3

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