Get to know your yogi ! Fall Festival 2016

So if you did not know already ,  Saturday Dec. 1oth is going to  be epic! I Love Yoga and the teachers interviewed for this blog, will be hosting Shine Your Light yoga festival.  7 classes & 7 teachers , 8$ a class or 20$ to attend as many yoga classes as your soul desires. Stay tuned for details on the I love yoga website or join the event page on Facebook  ! Share the news with everyone you know ! If you would like to be a vendor, comment below and we can give you information. Also if you or anyone you know is , able to donate items for gift bags, a silent auction, or decor we would greatly appreciate you !

Yogi : Sheryl

What time are you teaching ? 9:30 am – 10:30 am Morning Stretch, restorative yoga class 🙂

What Chakra do you need to cleanse / strengthen at the moment ? Throat, i’m learning to speak less , to try and get my point across with less words .  Also, talking when it is necessary for me to say something, otherwise I want to practice being quiet.

What Chakra feels balanced and strong at the moment ? Heart, definitely , I keep an open heart.

What is your favorite thing to do when you not in a yoga position ? I love going to the movies, even if its by myself. I especially love comedy films.

Yogi : Jacob

What time is your yoga class ? 10:45 -11:45

What are your 3 favorite yoga positions ? Shoulder stand , Crow , & head stand.

What does being present mean to you in one word ? Focus.

What is your favorite chant ? ” Om gam ganapataye namaha ” , to remove obstacles, that may lie ahead.

Yogi : Massiel

What time is your yoga class ? 12pm – 1 pm, Freedom yoga 🙂

What is your favorite fruit ? Grapes .

What is your favorite yoga to do at the moment ? Meditation .

What is your favorite thing to do when your not practicing yoga ? Breathing .

Yogi : Marguerite

What time will you be teaching ?  1:15pm – 2:15 Reiki Chair yoga!

What would be you say to help beginners with their first time on the mat ? Do not worry about perfecting the pose. Use a chair or whatever helps so you feel the benefits and never harm yourself. Over time your practice will grow. Also, do not compare yourself to the person next to you, everyone is different.

What would you say to people who have been practicing yoga for years, that may be joining your class ? Keep up the good work, its amazing that you have been doing yoga for so long, keep learning.

What is your favorite type of yoga at the moment ? Hatha yoga .

Yogi : Margo

What time are you teaching ? 2:30 – 3:30

What is your favorite thing to do when your not in a yoga position ? Being out in nature, swimming out into the ocean being with the waves while I float. Or an 8 hr bubble bath study session , back in college ( I still enjoy bubble baths). Light a candle, set up my own little temple, & pull out a book <3.

What are your favorite yoga positions ?  Down ward dog, plank , and I have grown to find the strength and grace in standing bow.

Favorite junk food to indulge in ? CHEESE <3

Yogi : Lady Love

What time are you teaching ? 3:30pm – 4:30pm.  Harmonize,  a chakra yoga sequence.

What is your favorite chant ? Hare Krishna definitely, it just flows from my mouth and brings so much joy to my heart. When I sing it I do not care about how my voice sounds or who is listening, I sing it for God.

What chakra feels the strongest at the moment?  My Sacral chakra, i’m really delving into my creative energy and basking in the flow.

What Chakra do I currently need to tune up ? Root for sure, I have issues trusting people, when I let people in, they often let me down. However,  I need to release attachments to expecting people to be, what I think I offer as a friend or person. People are doing the best from where their perspective, is the reality , I guess. I’ll just keep being my true self because that is what raises the vibration around me. SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

Yogi : Erin

What time do you teach ? 5pm – 6pm Pranyama and Sound Healing Class 🙂

Describe in one word what being present means to you ? Alive

Where would you be if you did not find yoga ? Lost, in a heavy place trusting in the medical world. I could definitely agree with Erin on this one, but I believe we were also bound to find this beautiful practice . It was always part of our journey to find and follow the light home.

What is your favorite junk food to indulge in ? Gummy candies !

Yogi : Zayna <3

Zayna is our master teacher in this amazing journey ! She teaches a Wonderful Shakti dance class : The dance of yoga, every Thursday @ I love yoga studio, 7:30 pm ! Check her out !

What is your favorite type of yoga at the moment ? The  Ashtanga sequence  , its my go to, when ever I fall back from doing my daily practice, I use this to get me back on track .

What is your favorite chant ?  Right now i’m really studying the koran, so one chant that I love because of its praise to God is “EL Fatha” . It speaks about following  the great way which is the path to God, Giving thanks to all that God has offered us, and acknowledging the love. Which is what all chants actually mean, I also enjoy Hare Krishna because it also makes me feel even closer to God.

What is your favorite fruit ? MANGO ! It is magical !

Yogi : Moses 😀

The great teacher of being present in each moment with an open heart. He teaches many classes at I love yoga, Check out his Monday night Heated yoga class 6pm !

What are your favorite yoga positions ? Being present, breathing,  & chanting.

What would you say to students who come to your classes ? Honor yourself, go slow, be mindful, and patient with yourself. You are not here for yoga , yoga is here for you.

What would you be doing if you did not find yoga ? I believe I would of always found yoga, I was always searching for an enlighten path.  Even before I knew that mediation was yoga, I  began mediating at 18 yrs old.  However,  I might of  missed out on the community aspect that yoga offers, this is a major key for me in my life. I probably would of became a Buddhist or Sufist, simply because I was always searching for something more.

Much Love,

Lady Love

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