I Love Yoga Studio and Healing Center is at

649 East Dania Beach Blvd, Dania Beach FL 33304

Contact Us: 

Phone (954) 762-7492

Email: info@iloveyogastudio.com


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  2. Pam Bayne


    Hi Moses, we meet at ILP in Ft Lauderdale . I promised to connect with you.



  3. roni lynn


    hi moses roni has a double padded folding massage table to pass on or trade do you want or know someone who needs one ..let me know …namaste

  4. Megan


    Hello I love yoga.. I am Jeremy’s student, Megan. Sunday Jeremy mentioned “an exchange of energy” concept. I’ve been thinking on it… I own a small AV company. I have sound equipment and a large movie screen and projector as well as plasmas. If you’d like any AV help with your upcoming event, please know you can count on me. I’d love to help you, as you have helped me, so very much.



    hello I am intrested in your Saturday classes, what time does it start?
    This would be my first class, my co-worker has been going to your hot
    yoga and she has told me about you classes.


  6. Gabby


    Hello I have been looking to start yoga. I’ve never done it before and have heard that it can help with breathing and losing weight. I have a friend that hasn’t done it before either, we are wondering if we were to come to your studio what class would we be better off with as beginners

  7. Girish Kamat


    Hi Moses , I believe you are at Pushkar Attending Vipassana Course. Probably You do not remember me, I was the one who was next to your sit during our Travel from Goa to Mumbai. You were discussing about Bhagvat Gita and Yoga. Hope U remember now.

    Glad to meet you Moses and Will be in touch my friend.

    Warm Regards,


  8. gail


    For melissa….will not make monday class as i have another conflicting appt….c u soon….love u guys….best yoga studio !!!!

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