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Teacher Training

And we are doing it again….

November 2014 Yoga Teacher Training at I Love Yoga Studio.

The community is AMAZING.. looking forward to see who the next members of the leadership will be!

I Love Yoga Teacher Training

I Love Yoga Studio is a community space for all to gather

Our mission is to awaken, educate and support the community in healing and  growing individually and as a whole. Regularly scheduled yoga and meditation classes are by donation, this means you “Pay-what-you-want”. For those who want a range for a monetary donation, we suggest a donation sliding scale of $5-$25 per class. We don’t turn anyone away for a lack of funds. Those who can give more help balance out those who have less to give. We thank you for supporting our intention to offer yoga classes to our community.

Thank you for your generosity. Remember, you can’t out give God

What is yoga?

Yoga, translated from Sanskrit, an ancient language from India, means to “yolk” or to “unite”. When we practice yoga, our aim is to unite the mind-body-spirit. This means clearer vision, more peace, deeper relationships with others, and a better connection and appreciation for ourselves. Yoga is not a religion. It does not preach any religious ideas or take anyone away from their faith. Yoga is often referred to as a “science”. In the west, most of the yoga that is practiced in the “asana”, which is the physical aspect of yoga. The “asanas” or the postures are performed consciously and coordinated with proper breathing for optimal health and care of the human system.

Why practice yoga?

People practice yoga for many reasons, here are a few: to increase physical strength and flexibility, to manage stress, to feel better about themselves, to build endurance, to lower blood pressure, to manage chronic pain, alleviate back pain… Everyone has a different reason for doing yoga, and it changes over time as you go deeper into your practice.

New to yoga? Here are a few things you should know.

All classes are open to all levels, beginners to advanced. Arrive 10 minutes early to unroll your mat and settle in. Don’t have a mat? We have them available to rent. Turn off your cell phone- and keep it off for the entire class. Yoga is for everyone (it’s not only for flexible people, thin people or “yoga” people!). Have fun. Breathe, relax , get strong from the inside out and empower yourself – cause you’re great.

Why donation yoga?

Because we are shifting the way business is being done and the way people work with each other. By providing by-donation yoga classes, we offer the yoga experience and teachings to everyone, so you pay as you can. Our goal is to create a sustainable model through donations. Those who can give more help balance out those who have less to give and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

How much should I donate?

That is up to you. “Donation classes” doesn’t mean “free classes”. Most yoga classes are 10-20 each. Please donate what you feel is fair and you can afford. We do not suggest a minimum donation, it’s totally up to you.


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