I Love Yoga Studio is a community space for all to gather



Our mission is to awaken, educate and support the community in healing and  growing individually and as a whole. We don’t turn anyone away for a lack of funds.

If you are new to yoga or if you have been practicing for many years….welcome. 

The mission of I Love Yoga is to have yoga accessible to everyone and anyone. We offer affordable yoga, meditation, and healing classes and for those who cannot afford the classes, we offer energy exchange. This means you can offer your services, or work at our studio in exchange for taking classes.

We are a community of yogis, yoginis, healers, and lightworkers.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or you are a beginner, come try our variety of classes, workshops and healing sessions.

Our teachers come from many different backgrounds and are passionate and honored to teach at I Love Yoga. This community is filled with love. A place you can truly be yourself. Once you experience I Love Yoga, you will always want to come back.


“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

What is yoga?

Yoga, translated from Sanskrit, an ancient language from India, means to “yolk” or to “unite”. When we practice yoga, our aim is to unite the mind-body-spirit. This means clearer vision, more peace, deeper relationships with others, and a better connection and appreciation for ourselves. Yoga is not a religion. It does not preach any religious ideas or take anyone away from their faith. Yoga is often referred to as a “science”. In the west, most of the yoga that is practiced in the “asana”, which is the physical aspect of yoga. The “asanas” or the postures are performed consciously and coordinated with proper breathing for optimal health and care of the human system.

Why practice yoga?

People practice yoga for many reasons, here are a few: to increase physical strength and flexibility, to manage stress, to feel better about themselves, to build endurance, to lower blood pressure, to manage chronic pain, alleviate back pain… Everyone has a different reason for doing yoga, and it changes over time as you go deeper into your practice.

New to yoga? Here are a few things you should know.

All classes are open to all levels, beginners to advanced. Arrive 10 minutes early to unroll your mat and settle in. Don’t have a mat? We have them available to rent. Turn off your cell phone- and keep it off for the entire class. Yoga is for everyone (it’s not only for flexible people, thin people or “yoga” people!). Have fun. Breathe, relax , get strong from the inside out and empower yourself – cause you’re great.

How much are classes?
What are the different types of classes you offer?


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I Love Yoga

Alexis Crystavelle Teacher Training Testimonial

My first yoga class was a hot yoga class. My mom invited me when I was about 15 as a surprise. Being the mom of two and going back to school in computer engineering led my mother to seek out alternative ways of stress management. When I realized the intensity of this outlet my mom enjoyed I figured I would be fine. I considered myself in shape, an avid bike rider, and I figured I was young. However…during the class I felt like I was going to die. In retrospect I realize its because I wasn’t really breathing. I wasn’t really connected to the source…This has been a pattern for almost my entire life. We live on a planet filled with such beauty and possibility and such suffering and depravity. Ideally we are happy, whole and complete serving our community with our talents and skills and enjoying the abundance nature has to offer. My life has been a dance between realizing and surrendering to my higher self and falling prey to the programming and influences we are surrounded by. Many of us live our lives on autopilot never truly connected to our higher purpose. Eventually the suffering is enough. The light within is dim and surrounded by layer upon layer of pain and confusion. In order to deal with the matrix many develop coping mechanisms, myself included. My coping mechanisms were self-destructive. I was viewing, analyzing and responding to the world based on my misconceptions and projections. I was seeking to escape the world by escaping from myself. What I needed was a place where I could go and...

find delight and awe in the simple pleasures of life

I love yoga has taught me to be in the moment and to find delight and awe in the simple pleasures of life. I have known this in the past, but being in the teacher training has allowed me to become more present and more focused as far as what I am feeling, what my internal conflicts and feelings are, and to be present and give these feelings time to unveil and let them magically melt away.Just when ZEE or MOSES say, lets take a breath together, everything seems to fall into place, to make sense again, to be yoga in yoga and for yoga again. To be one with oneself and one’s own true divinity! Love you all....

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